Choate Rosemary Hall Celebrates the Building Dedication of The New St. John Campus Center

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Bowie Gridley Architects is pleased to join Choate Rosemary Hall in celebrating the dedication of the new St. John Campus Center on April 13, 2017. Named for the revered headmasters George St. John and his son Reverend Seymour St. John, the building celebrates the legacy and impact the St. John family has bestowed upon the school over many decades. Built on the site of the original St. John Hall, the 49,000 sf building fits within the historical architectural style of the campus with visual memories such as the columned entrance and cupola of the original building.

The interior, contemporary in design, celebrates a far-reaching program within a modern, inviting and progressive interior. Open, airy and interconnected spaces were designed to promote interaction among students and between students and faculty. A variety of more private and intimate spaces allows for quiet and contemplative moments when needed. Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the building was designed to be distinctly of its time, imbued with tools and technology which will allow present and future users to keep pace with evolving developments in education.

The current headmaster, Dr Alex Curtis said, “This is a significant statement about student life and its centrality. St. John Hall is one of the only purpose-built student centers, that I know of, among our peer schools.”