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St. Catherine’s School

Richmond, VA

BGA restored and expanded the dining hall at St. Catherine’s School as part of a series of renovations addressing space needs in the Upper and Middle Schools.
  • Includes a two-story addition with new finishes and furnishings
  • The space doubles existing dining spaces, creates a café where students can gather and study and provides a multi-purpose assembly room for up to 350 people
  • Modernized kitchen facilities, as well as HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems
  • A new entrance foyer creates a gracious, prominent entrance from adjacent parking
  • Windows in the existing dining room were converted into generous passages that knit the spaces together
  • The design celebrates the school’s traditional Georgian architecture, blending new and old in one harmonious composition.
BGA has also worked with St. Catherine’s to modernize and expand academic facilities to include additional classrooms, science labs, art studios, student gathering spaces and offices.