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The Phillips Collection

Washington, DC

As part of a series of projects for The Phillips Collection, Bowie Gridley completed a conceptual study for the addition of a rooftop penthouse on the main building— A Georgian Revival house dating to 1897—to resolve existing mechanical issues and to better protect the building and art below by enclosing all new MEP systems. In addition, the fourth floor will be entirely reconfigured. After considering several different approaches, the proposed design solution assumes the same height as the existing rooftop skylight, which was added in the 1930’s to create a studio space. The new roof is laid back from the face of the building to further differentiate itself from the existing skylight. The exterior treatment proposed is copper shingles matching the adjacent skylight which is large scale flat copper panels. The project was approved by DCHRPB and is scheduled to start construction in 2017 in coordination with the museum’s exhibition schedule.