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Milton Hershey School

Hershey, PA

Bowie Gridley Architects, in association with Andropogon Associates, was hired to evaluate this K-12 Board School established by chocolate baron Milton Hershey.
  • The study focused on the central campus area, including academics, recreation, housing and community facilities
  • Included were recommendations for landscape enhancements, campus transportation, and recommendations for accommodating increased enrollment.
  • Recommendations included an academic and athletic center, a new student housing model to be located on three separate sites, accommodating up to 780 children, and a new permanent scouting and camping facility with nature preserve
Following the master planning effort, BGA designed a new dormitory model to serve the unique needs of middle schoolers and their full-time staff  family. As part of its commitment to sustainability, each new house will be designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.